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Little Wolves

Preorder Only - Ships March 15 - Little Wolves Potty Tray 22" x 22"

Preorder Only - Ships March 15 - Little Wolves Potty Tray 22" x 22"

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*** We Are Currently Taking Preorders - Ships March 15 2024 ***

We spend so much time cleaning up after our puppies. After years of working tirelessly to scrub poop out of the tiny nooks and crannies of our hacked-together solution, we designed our very own potty tray specifically designed for puppy pads. 

Our trays are:

  • REUSABLE TRAY - Puppy Potty Tray offers a high-quality 22x22 tray. It's easy to clean, making it perfect for potty training and puppy essentials, eliminating the need for fake grass maintenance.
  • NOT JUST FOR PEE - Potty Tray is perfect for pets weighing 3-15 lb. that allows poop to easily fall through onto dog pads. Say goodbye to messy cleanups with this efficient and convenient solution.
  • MADE TO HOLD PETS WEIGHING UP TO 100 LBS. - This potty tray offers a secure platform for your furry friend to potty on. The raised design ensures that your pet no longer needs to step through their pee, as it conveniently falls onto the potty pad. Note, poop may not pall through the gap onto the pad due to the larger sized pet.
  • INCLUDES 10 PET PADS - This set includes 10, 21 x 21 highly absorbent puppy pee pads that we designed! These pee pads fit perfectly into tray and are effective at containing odors and preventing messes from spreading. A must-have addition to your puppy supplies.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN - Serves as both a puppy pad holder and a practical potty training tool. Its versatility extends to indoor and outdoor use, making it a must-have among dog housebreaking supplies.
  • PUPPY-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Potty tray Grate Gap is 0.55" wide - This simplifies the potty training process, making it easy for your pup to learn and adapt quickly. The pee pad holder protects floors, while the dog training pads keeps pet clean.


Customer Reviews

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So we'll made, and easy to clean.


I love the trays


I love this! The only con is that the bars on the grate are very wide spread so it’s suited more for bigger breeds. I have Miniature Dachshunds and had to improvise so that their little legs don’t fall through. I wish there was an option for a grate more suitable for smaller breeds. Then it would be 5 stars for me. The ease of cleaning and everything else is great!

Can't wait to use it!!!!!

I am very excited to use the potty trays! I have a litter coming soon and I can't wait to try them out. The shipping was really fast and I got exactly what I ordered, highly recommend!

Amber C.
FOSTER parent (not a breeder)

I NEVER write reviews.
1. I was having a problem getting my 3 week old pups to go on the tray and I sent a email asking for advice, I received a phone call within the hour of sending the message. Was given the solution to my problem!
2. The product itself is amazing it will hold pee pads down and is easy to clean. I used a little Rocco & Roxie spray and go on it and they are now potty trained for new home too. Adopters just need to spray where they want them to go. really does prevent pups form destroying pee pads!

GREAT JOB WORTH THE $$$MONEY$$$ 💯 (I’m cheap so…. thats saying a lot!)

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Asked Questions

What Size Animal Can I use This Tray With?

For the poop to be able to fall through the grate, we recommend the animal be 3 pounds - 15 pounds. For animals under 3 pounds, please reach out to us by email for a modification. For animails above 15 pounds, pet owner will mostly likely need to pick up poop that sits on top of grate. The grate has been tested to hold up to 80 lbs. of weight.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Grate & Tray?

Clean daily with multisurface cleaning spray with paper towel. For deep cleaning use dish soap and warm water.

What Is The Best Method For Getting My Dog/Puppy To Use Tray?

See our youtube video below for best practices.

How Long Will Shipping Take?

Shipping times vary by region: the East Coast generally takes 1-2 business days, the Central region takes 2-3 business days, and the West Coast takes 3-5 business days.

Best Method For Using A Potty Tray

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